Radcliff Roderick Parrish

Con Man from another world


Radcliff Roderick Parrish is a materialistic paradox who works the system.

You’ve knocked around a lot and run afoul of the law a few times, but you’ve evaded authorities on a variety of fronts more often than not. That’s because you are adept at noticing flaws and exploits in systems, whether those systems are civil laws, investment regulations, computer codes, games of all sorts, and similar artificial constructions. Once you notice and fully comprehend a system, you can manipulate it to your own ends.

  Pool Edge
Might 8 0
Speed 8 1
Intellect 18 2

Expert Cypher Use: You can bear three cyphers at a time.

Knowledgeable: You are trained in one area of knowledge or technical expertise of your choice.


Haggler – Trained
Accounting Whiz – Trained
Computer Programming – Trained
Pick-pocket – Trained

When you’re hacking the impossible, the GM will decide if your hack is reasonable and determine what the level of difficulty might be to achieve it (for comparison, discovering a normal password when you have direct access to the system is a difficulty 2 task for you).

Midas Presence: Whenever you translate into a recursion, you have 10% more money than when you last visited the recursion.

Inability: Materialistic people are usually a bit unlikeable. The difficulty of all tasks related to pleasant social interaction is one step higher for you.

Strange Training: You are trained in general topics regarding the Strange, which allows you to attempt to understand and identify related phenomena, including the effect of a particular cypher. Strange training is also sometimes called Strange knowledge or Strange lore.

Practiced With Light Weapons: You can use light weapons without penalty. If you wield a medium weapon, increase the difficulty of the attack by one step. If you wield a heavy weapon, increase it by two steps.


Anomalous Pulse (1 Intellect point): A target within long range is subject to a disorienting, brain-jarring pulse of energy that deals 1 point of damage that ignores Armor. On a successful attack, in addition to the damage, the difficulty of all actions attempted by the target on its next turn increases by one step. Action.

Entangling Force (1+ Intellect point): A target within short range is subject to a snare constructed of semi-tangible lines of force for one minute. The force snare is a level 2 construct. A target caught in the force snare cannot move from its position, but it can attack and defend normally. The target can also spend its action attempting to break free. You can apply Effort to increase the level of the force snare by 1 per level of Effort applied. Action to initiate.


Hack the Impossible (3 Intellect points): You can persuade automatons, machines, and
computers to do your bidding. You can discover an encrypted password, break through security on a website, briefly turn off a machine such as a surveillance camera, or disable an automaton with just a moment’s worth of fiddling. Action.

Levels to Tier 2

+1 Edge


The first thing Radcliff learned about the recursions, other worlds, is that he thought of how he could make some money off of this.

Using a crystal injector and a recursion to the fountain of youth, he was able to set up a very rich cult in Florida. A combination of the waters that lasted only a few days, and the crystal injector, he was starting to build up a fortune. That was until The Estate found what was happening and shut him down.

Rather angry about what happened, he tried several other cons, but was finally caught by the Estate. In return for some information, he agreed to work for the Estate for 5 years in return for getting half his money back.

He is staying with the Estate because they could hunt him down, plus these jerks might lead him to something even better.

CrystalInjector.PNGCrystal Injector Level 6 (Artifact)

Form: Handheld device with needle

Effect: Recipient’s blood is oxygenated for five to six hours. The initial injection is accompanied by symptoms of nausea but followed by a great sense of euphoria, which can be addicting. User with oxygenated blood can operate underwater (or other places without access to good air) for the duration.

Depletion: 1 in 1d100 after each use

Radcliff Roderick Parrish

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