Thomas Talmud

Thomas Talmud is a Spiritual Paradox who Solves Mysteries on Earth


Thomas Talmud is a Spiritual Paradox who Solves Mysteries (D) on Earth

Tier 2, Effort 2, XP 2
Armor 0*, Recovery Rolls Used 0, Cypher Limit 3

Might: Pool 14, Edge 0, Current 11
Speed: Pool 10, Edge 1, Current 10
Intellect: Pool 16, Edge 3, Current 10

BANISHING STRANGE AMMO (level 4, green pills)
DISPERSE STRANGE ENERGY (2 Intellect points)
SHATTER (2 Intellect points)
LEVITATE CREATURE (2+ Intellect points)
MIND READING (4 Intellect points)
FORCE SHIELD* (2+ Intellect points)
Practiced with Light Weapons
Helpful: anyone helped adds add’l +1 to roll
Investigation: trained in perception, cryptography, deceiving, breaking into computers.
Investigator: spend Might/Speed/Intellect Pool to apply Effort to any Intellect-based task.
Trained – Speed Defense
Trained – Intellect Defense
Trained – Strange Lore
Trained – Pleasant Social Interactions
Trained – Resist Temptation
Specialized – Perception
+1 step penalty to initiative
Equipment: $14,100, Light Handgun (15 round clip, 1 extra clip), Nightstick, Utility Knife Multitool, Flameless Lighter, Smartphone, Handcuffs, Backpack, Laptop Computer, Motion Sensor, Concealed camera/microphone, Bolt Cutter, Duct Tape, 50’ Rope, Zip Ties, First Aid Kit, Disguise Kit


Thomas was studying Theology and History at [University] to become a Priest but was instead distracted by several Strange experiences. As he investigated, he discovered his unusual connection to the Strange. An unnerving accidental self-translation to Ardeyn shook his faith to its core. While he was wandering Ardeyn alone and confused, he found himself in a very awkward misunderstanding in the first small town he stumbled into (literally). While awaiting trial, he was rescued from his jail cell by an Estate agent named Samson. Samson explained the basics of the Strange to Thomas as they traveled back to Earth via a stable gate and extended an invitation to come study with the “University” that Samson worked for. Thomas tried to forget the experience and return to his pre-Spark life but too many questions persisted. Eventually Thomas called the number on the card. Samson had handed him and he was soon inducted into the Estate training program where he met Arlo and Bishop. Thomas still continues to have a strong desire and aptitude to do good and help/counsel others but is finding that his awareness of the Strange does not fit back into the box of his previous faith. Thomas’s motivations to stay with the Estate are the pursuit of the Truth and helping others.
ON EARTH: Thomas is a Spiritual Paradox who Solves Mysteries.
Thomas appears as a health white 28 year old male. While he is not unattractive nor dirty, physical appearance does not usually make it high enough on his priorities to allow time for combed hair or ironed clothes. He has shaggy brown hair, and blue eyes. He is generally found wearing a somewhat rumpled suit and tie, a pair of wire-rimmed reading glasses, and he often carries a satchel. His residence is full of books, most dealing with religion, history, or the occult. He tells his (few) friends and family that he is an investigator of historic items’ provenance (and does have some success in this!) but his true ambition is learning about and exploring the Strange, helping those he meets along the way.
IN ARDEYN: Thomas is a ?? Paradox who ??.
IN NEVERLAND: Thomas is a ?? ?? who ??.

Thomas Talmud

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