The Strange Worlds

4/14 roleplay event
wrong time??

I’m guessing that setting the event time for next week’s roleplaying to 1:30 was in error but it won’t let me update the meeting.

Mine shows 6:30 pm.

Is your profile set to Central Time?
Thanks, that was the problem

Welcome to your campaign!
Creating your character

I am a [fill in an adjective here] [fill in a noun here] who [fill in a verb here].

Think of what character you want, a basic idea, which there are TONS of possible choices for adjective and verb, choose some interesting and common sense ones All powerful is not a good choice

As for the noun there are three

  1. paradox are the mad scientists, the sorcerers, and the breakers of the rules of reality
  2. spinner are striking individuals, and they possess a personality that allows them to spin tales, spin lies, or spin a version of the truth that makes others see things in a whole new way
  3. vector are action-oriented people

For those who do not want to make their character ahead of time, here are the prebuilt characters for the first adventure:

  • Arlo Coulton: Arlo is good with guns and knows his enemies’ weaknesses.
  • Vanessa Torgue: Vanessa fights competently with her two nightsticks.
  • L. G. Babcock: L. G. is best at helping others but isn’t necessarily great at fighting. On the other hand, L. G. is great at persuading NPCs of almost anything.
  • Dr. Sybil Holloway: Sybil is a scientist who knows her high-energy physics and who can cause objects to shatter at a distance if she can see them.
  • Jonny “Flip” McDaniel: Jonny can see what’s hidden and can stun creatures from alternatere cursions who find their way into worlds where they don’t belong.

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