First Tier Abilities

Second Tier Abilities

Reach Beyond (3 Intellect points): When you use Reach Beyond, you can access training in a skill provided by a focus you have in another recursion. You must have used the skill in its proper recursion at least once before. You can use the skill once. To use it again, you must use Reach Beyond again. Enabler.

First Tiers Revisions

Anomalous Pulse (1 Intellect point): A target within long range is subject to a disorienting, brain-jarring pulse of energy that deals 1 point of damage that ignores Armor. On a successful attack, in addition to the damage, the difficulty of all actions attempted by the target on its next turn increases by one step. Action.

Closed Mind: You are trained in Intellect defense tasks and have +2 to Armor against damage that selectively targets your Intellect Pool (that normally ignores Armor). Enabler.

Disperse Strange Energy (2 Intellect points): An ongoing effect created by a cypher within short range ends. If the effect is affecting a creature, you must succeed on an Intellect-based attack to end it. Action.

Entangling Force (1+ Intellect point): A target within short range is subject to a snare constructed of semi-tangible lines of force for one minute. The force snare is a level 2 construct. A target caught in the force snare cannot move from its position, but it can attack and defend normally. The target can also spend its action attempting to break free. You can apply Effort to increase the level of the force snare by 1 per level of Effort applied. Action to initiate.

Exception (1 Intellect point) You pick one creature within long range. The target is jolted by a confluence of fundamental forces for 4 points of damage.

If the target you select is not native to the recursion where you attack it, its senses are overwhelmed. On a successful attack, in addition to taking 4 points of damage, it cannot act on its next turn. Once exposed to this revision, a non-native creature normally can’t be affected by the sense-overwhelming portion of this attack again for several hours. Action.

Levitate Creature (2+ Intellect points): You can temporarily bend the fundamental force of gravity on a creature or object (no larger than yourself) that is within long range. The target’s level can be no more than 2 above your tier. On a successful attack, an affected target floats an immediate distance over the ground for one round. A levitating target hovers just above the ground, able to take actions, but unable to gain purchase through physical contact.

Each round after the initial attack, you can attempt to keep the target aloft by spending 1 additional Intellect point and succeeding at a difficulty 2 Intellect task. If your concentration lapses, the target drops back to the ground.

You can’t directly move a levitating object with this revision, but strong winds, a hearty push by someone else, or other forces can move the target. Action to initiate.

Premonition (2 Intellect points): Despite appearances, reality is quantum and noncausal, which means a careful observer can discover information leaks. You learn one random fact from a person or location that is pertinent to a topic you designate. Alternatively, you can choose to learn a creature’s level; however, if you do so, you cannot learn anything else about it later with this revision. Action.

Shatter (2 Intellect points): You interrupt the fundamental force holding normal matter together for a moment, creating the detonation of an object you choose within long range. The object must be a small, mundane item composed of homogeneous matter (such as a clay cup, an iron ingot, a stone, and so on). The object explodes in an immediate radius, attacking all creatures and objects in the area for 1 point of damage. Because this is an area attack, adding Effort to increase your damage works differently than it does for single-target attacks: for each level of Effort applied to increase the damage, add 2 points of damage to each target. If you increase the damage through Effort, even if you fail your attack roll, all targets in the area still take 1 point of damage. Action.

Second Tier Revisions

Concussive Blast (2 Intellect points): You release a beam of pure force that smashes into a creature within short range, inflicting 5 points of damage and moving it an immediate distance farther back. Action.

If you apply a level of Effort when you use this ability on an intelligent target that doesn’t share your language, you can communicate with the target reasonably well. Action to initiate.

Force Shield (2+ Intellect points): You call up a field of shielding energy that grants you +1 to Armor for ten minutes. You can increase the Armor bonus by spending Effort. Each additional level of Effort increases the Armor value you gain by 1. Action.

Gate Key (4 Intellect points): You can secure (or unlock) a regular door or other object that can be closed or opened, such as a drawer, laptop, satchel, book, window, and so on, even if it can’t normally be locked. You can also lock (or open) a permanent or semipermanent recursion gate, including translation gates and inapposite gates. To unlock or lock the target, you must touch it. If the object is locked and you wish to unlock it, succeed at an Intellect task with a difficulty set by the GM (usually equal to the level of the lock or effect holding the object closed). On a success, the target is unlocked. You automatically succeed in locking an object if that is your goal; an object or gate is locked at a level equal to 4 + your tier. Action.

Mental Link (1+ Intellect point): You open a pathway to another creature’s mind via a light touch, which allows you to transmit thoughts and images to each other. You can communicate without having to speak, though communication is vastly improved if you both speak the same language. The mental link remains regardless of distance (but not across recursion boundaries) and lasts for one hour. Instead of applying Effort to decrease the difficulty, you can extend the duration by one hour for each level of Effort applied.

Mind Reading (4 Intellect points): You can read the mind of a creature you can see within short range. You gain access to its surface thoughts for up to one minute as long as it is within range. Action to initiate.

Plasma Arc (2 Intellect points): You induce an ionized arc of plasma to leap between two targets that you can see and that are within short range of each other. Both targets must also be within long range of you. You roll an attack for each target separately. If you successfully attack only one target, it takes 4 points of damage from the intense heat. If you successfully attack both targets, each takes 4 points of damage. Effort applied to one attack counts for both, but you must abide by your Effort level limit for each action. Action.

Revise Flesh (3 Intellect points): You can revise flesh with your touch in one of two ways. When you touch an impaired or debilitated character, you can choose to move the character up one step on the damage track (for example, a debilitated PC becomes impaired, while an impaired creature becomes hale). Alternatively, you can grant a character a +2 bonus to his recovery roll if you use this ability on the PC during a rest. Action.

Summon From Recursion (3 Intellect points): An object that you’ve previously designated and prepared instantly appears in your hand. The object must be small enough to fit in your hand. This is a difficulty 2 Intellect-based task. Preparing a designated object requires that you use this power on it as you place it in a secure location you’ve set aside, such as a locked chest, safe, or treasury. If the object is moved after you’ve prepared and secured it, you lose your link to it. You can have up to three prepared items at the same time. Enabler.

Third Tier Abilities

Adept Cypher Use: You can bear four cyphers at a time.

Revisions: Choose one of the following revisions (or a revision from a lower tier) to add to your repertoire. In addition, you can replace one of your lower-tier revisions with a different one from a tier lower than third.

Third Tier Revisions

Adroit Cypher Use: You can bear four cyphers at a time. Enabler.

Barrier (3+ Intellect points): You create an opaque, stationary barrier of solid energy within immediate range. The barrier is 10 feet by 10 feet (3 m by 3 m) and of negligible thickness. It is a level 2 barrier and lasts for ten minutes. It can be placed anywhere it fits, whether against a solid object (including the ground) or floating in the air. Each level of Effort you apply strengthens the barrier by one level. For example, applying two levels of Effort creates a level 4 barrier. Action.

Countermeasures (4 Intellect points): You immediately end one ongoing magical effect within immediate range. Alternatively, you can use this as a defense action to cancel any incoming magical ability targeted at you, or you can cancel any magic device or the effect of any magic device for 1d6 rounds. You must touch the effect or device to cancel it. Action.

Down the Rabbit Hole (5 Intellect points): You create a temporary inapposite gate to a nascent recursion that is a pocket dimension. The recursion is no larger than 225 square feet (21 square meters) and has characteristics determined by the GM, but it’s essentially a safe place for you and any allies who accompany you to rest for up to twelve hours. The gate to the pocket recursion is invisible to anyone but you and those you designate. The gate dissolves twelve hours after you create it with this revision. As is true of any recursion, once you’ve visited, you can return via normal translation if you wish. Using Down the Rabbit Hole connects to a completely different recursion each time, the same one as previously, or a mix, at the GM’s discretion. Action.

Energy Protection (3+ Intellect points): Choose a discrete type of energy that you have experience with (such as heat, sonic, electricity, and so on). You must be familiar with the type of energy; for example, if you have no experience with a certain kind of extradimensional energy, you can’t protect against it. You gain +10 to Armor against damage from that type of energy for ten minutes. Alternatively, you gain +1 to Armor against damage from that energy for one day. Instead of applying Effort to decrease the difficulty of this revision, you can apply Effort to protect more targets, with each level of Effort affecting up to two additional targets. You must touch additional targets to protect them. Action to initiate.

Eye for the Strange: You see a “shimmer” around creatures and objects that are not native to the current recursion and around native creatures that possess the spark. If you spend an action concentrating on a nonnative target with such a shimmer, you can see the form it originally possessed prior to translating to the current recursion (if it went through an inapposite gate, it retains the shimmer, but may not look much different). Enabler (although you can use an Action to enhance, as stated).

Fire and Ice (4 Intellect points): You cause a target within short range to become either very hot or very cold (your choice). The target suffers 3 points of ambient damage (ignores Armor) each round for up to three rounds, although a new roll is required each round to continue to affect the target. Action to initiate.

Fling (4 Intellect points): You violently launch a creature or object about your size or smaller within short range and send it flying a short distance in any direction. This is an Intellect attack that inflicts 4 points of damage to the object being flung when it lands or strikes a barrier. If you aim the primary target at another creature or object (and succeed on a second attack), the secondary target also takes 4 points of damage. Action.

Force at Distance (4+ Intellect points): You temporarily bend the fundamental law of gravity around a creature or object (up to twice your mass) within short range. The target’s level can be no more than 2 above your tier.

On a successful attack, an affected target is caught in your telekinetic grip, and you can move the creature up to a short distance in any direction each round that you retain your hold. A creature in your telekinetic grip can take actions, but it can’t move under its own power. Each round after the initial attack, you can attempt to keep your grip on the target by spending 2 additional Intellect points and succeeding at a difficulty 2 Intellect task. If your concentration lapses, the target drops back to the ground.

Instead of applying Effort to decrease the difficulty, you can apply Effort to increase the amount of mass you can affect. Each level of Effort allows you to affect a creature or object twice as massive as before. For example, applying one level of Effort would affect a creature four times as massive as you, two levels of Effort would affect a creature eight times as massive, three levels can affect a creature sixteen times as massive, and so on. Action to initiate.

Imbue Communication Fetish (6 Intellect points): You imbue an object with the permanent ability to serve as a mental link between a single creature and whomever is touching the object, regardless of distance (even across recursion boundaries). Both the creature and the object must be within immediate range of you when you imbue the object. The subject creature must be intelligent enough to be able to communicate using language. The object can be no larger than you (such as a sculpture, a large painting, or a mirror) and no smaller than a key fob, a figurine, or a playing card. The link allows the object holder and the linked creature to transmit thoughts and images (and, potentially, mental attacks) to each other. Action to imbue, action to initiate link.

Psychic Precision: You are trained in any mental revision or mental ability that comes from a cypher, an artifact, or your focus. For example, you are trained when using Mind Reading because it’s a mental ability, but not when using Plasma Arc. Enabler.

Recursion Viewing (5 Intellect points): An observer with the ability to revise reality knows that space and distance is an illusion. You concentrate to create an invisible, immobile sensor at a location within a recursion you have previously visited or viewed (at the GM’s discretion, you may have to succeed at an Intellect task if the location is somehow warded). The sensor lasts for about an hour. Once it is created, you can concentrate to see, hear, and smell through the sensor whether you are somewhere else in the recursion or on a connected prime. The sensor doesn’t grant you sensory capabilities beyond the norm. Creating such a sensor on the prime world of Earth requires that you spend a level of Effort. Action to create; action to check.

Sensor (4 Intellect points): You create an immobile, invisible sensor within immediate range that lasts for twenty-four hours. At any time during that duration, you can concentrate to see, hear, and smell through the sensor, no matter how far you move from it. The sensor doesn’t grant Action to create; action to check.

Targeting Eye: You are trained in any physical ranged attack that is a special ability or comes from a cypher or an artifact. For example, you are trained when using an Onslaught force blast because it’s a physical attack, but not when using an Onslaught mindslice because it’s a mental attack. Enabler.

Fourth Tier Abilities

Fourth Tier Revisions


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