Goes Beserk

Something hurt you. It smashed you, bruised you, tore at you, and pushed you well past all your previous limits. You almost didn’t survive. Mercy, hope, and love dissolved in your torment. Rage saved you. You tapped a core of incandescent fury, kindled by the very treatment designed to break you. When the fury overtook you, it was a sweet madness that lifted you away from the world, where everything was white light and simple movements. When you went berserk, you made everyone pay.

The experience that made you into a berserker may have been instigated by you as part of a ritual to become a warrior beyond compare, or it could have been an unexpected and unwelcome event. Either way, now that you can tap the anger, you’ve learned to be especially careful with it, because when you go berserk, all your regular relationships fall away, and all that remains is kill.

Your hair is short, your clothing sparse, and your skin is probably elaborately scarified and tattooed in a fashion that marks you as a berserker.

Minor Effect Suggestion: You can end your rage immediately if you wish.

Major Effect Suggestion: You are in full control of your actions while you are berserk on your next turn

Tier 1

Berserk. When you go berserk (see Going Berserk ), you gain +8 to your Might Pool, +1 to your Might Edge, +2 to your Speed Pool, and +1 to your Speed Edge. While berserk, you attack every living creature within short range, starting with the closest. If no living creature is within short range, you move to seek out potential victims. Action to go berserk (whether you want to go berserk or not).

Tier 2

Unarmored Fighter. While unarmored, you are trained in Speed defense tasks (whether or not you are berserk). Enabler. (If you already have it, you are specialized)

Tier 3

Shake It Off. When you return to your normal state of mind and body after going berserk, you do not suffer the increase in difficulty of tasks (see the Going Berserk sidebar). Enabler.

Tier 4

Controlled Berserking. Going berserk or returning to your normal state is now a difficulty 1 Intellect task. Enabler.

Tier 5

Enhanced Berserking. When you go berserk (see the Going Berserk sidebar), you gain +11 to your Might Pool, +1 to your Might Edge, +4 to your Speed Pool, +1 to your Speed Edge, and +2 to Armor. This replaces the benefits of the tier 1 power Berserk. Enabler.

Tier 6

Incarnation of Rage (4+ Intellect points). While berserk, you retain your rational mind for two rounds. You can apply Effort to extend this period of rationality. Thus, to remain rational for four rounds (two rounds longer than normal), you’d apply two levels of Effort. Enabler.

Goes Beserk

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