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Type of Fairies

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Pots and Pans (1)

Pots and Pans Talents, sometimes called Tinker Fairies, fix everything in Pixie Hollow using a strange array of tools.

Tinker Talents are curious, love metallic colors and use their magic to aid in the repair of the pots and pans of Pixie Hollow. Pots and Pans faeries do not just fix things, they also invent, and create special tools to help the Nature fairies on the Mainland.

Animal (2)

Although Mother Dove is dear to all who live in Pixie Hollow, the ones who know and understand her best are the animal-talent fairies. These fairies have the unique ability to speak with any animal in its native tongue, whether it be Raccoon, Bird, Tree Frog, or Squirrel. They are extremely sensitive and can “read” an animal’s thoughts or emotions. They know when an animal in frightened or sick and can tend to its needs to help it feel better. Like the animals they work with, animal-talent fairies have a keen sense of smell and excellent hearing. They are skilled trackers and are frequently called upon to help find fairies who have lost their way in the woods. There are several different types of animal-talent fairies in Pixie Hollow, including many subtalents, such as caterpillar shearers, cricket whistlers, and butterfly herders. All animal talent fairies are deeply integrated into Never Land’s animal world and strive to keep it harmonious.

Garden (3)

Like harvest- and tree-picking-talent fairies, garden fairies spend most of their time outdoors. Their colorful gardens can be seen in all corners of Pixie Hollow. Garden-talent fairies have a special relationship with all things that grow from the earth. They can sense what a plant needs and have an intuitive understanding of how to help it blossom and grow. They feel as close to plants as animal-talent fairies feel to animals. But garden fairies have been known to work with animals, too. They sometimes train earthworms and ladybugs to help them, and they are highly respectful of bumblebees.

Art (4)

Art-Talents are easily inspired to do portraits,they’re art fairies who sculpt statues,Paint Portraits,or just plainly and simply sketch.When it comes to changing the seasons,they’re the ones in charge of painting the flowers,butterflies,bees,ladybugs and many other things across the world.When Tinker Bell arrived in Pixie Hollow and literally destroyed all of the preparations for spring,she created a gadget,called the Flower Sprayer,which can paint ladybugs,flowers and other things much faster…since then many of the Art-Talents use this to change the seasons faster.

Water (5)

Downstream from the dust mill, Havendish Stream branches into a network of canals where the water fairies like to play. Water-talent fairies can manipulate water in astonishing ways. They mold it like clay, make it freeze or boil, or create powerful waves in puddles and ponds with just a flick of pixie dust. Water fairies are often found exploring Pixie Hollow’s waterways in boats made from leaves and in birch-bark canoes. These fairies also have a knack for divining and can seek out hidden sources of water. Only water-talent fairies can make bubble messeges, which burst open only for the fairy who is meant to hear them. The most emotional of the Never fairies, water fairies cry when they’re happy as well as when they’re sad. But they can hardly be blamed. They are so full of water their tears spill easily. Although water fairies cannot swim, they always find ways to frolic near water.

Baking (6)

Baking Talents, sometimes called cooking or kitchen fairies, cook the meals in Pixie Hollow and get fairies ready to change the seasons.They hardly ever cook a bad-tasting meal..they can flip pancakes with they’re magic and do many other things to cook meals.They know almost every recipe in Pixie Hollow.

Fast-Flying (7)

Fast-Flying fairies can fly faster than any other fairy or creature in Pixie Hollow,they’re wings are much wider and bigger than the other fairies in Pixie Hollow,this is one of the things that make them fly faster.When changing the seasons,they control the wind to take pollen out of the flowers,they also make the wind carry new arrivals to the Pixie Dust Tree,so they can make it there.

Light (8)

Light Talents are very skilled at light.They glow brighter than any other fairy along with Pixie Dust talents..when they change the seasons,they control light and give fireflies they’re glow.They make the sun shine brighter and direct the rays of light where they want it to go.

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